Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Changing the Oil on my 49cc Tao Tao

  Its time to change the Oil on my TaoTao Scooter. I was going to wait until 2000 miles but 930 is close enough. The first time I took it to Brads Scooters for the oil change. It was $15. The service tech let me watch and ask questions while he did it. Its pretty easy so I do it myself. You need a few things to start: Oil (I was told to use 10w30) regular not synthetic, The tool kit that came with your bike(or a good wrench set), a clean (ish) rag, Funnel, and  something to catch the oil in. I use the bottom of a large planter to catch the oil, it fits under the bike and has wheels. I also like to use Sea Foam in both the oil and the Gas. One can will last a really long time.
     Under the engine is one large bolt. This is the Drain for the engine. Using one of your wrenches loosen this until it starts to drip.
Be sure to put the tray under the bike. There is not that much oil but it WILL make a mess. The first time I did this it got all over me.
Besides the oil three things will fall into the tray. The drain cap, a spring, and a small thimble-like screen. Set these aside. Remove the dip stick. Put the funnel in the whole and carefully pour in a little Fresh oil to "rinse out" the engine. When everything is finished draining its time to put it back together. The screen goes in first. It goes point up like a thimble. then the large part of the spring. Finally the cap/bolt. Remember "righty tighty, lefty loosy". If you put it together correctly it is very easy. Using your wrench tighten the cap. Now its time for the Oil.
My Tao Tao takes about 3/4 of a Quart of oil. Use the dip stick to check. If you put too much just drain it again. I like to add a "splash" of Sea Foam while filling. Put the Dip stick away, wipe everything down and yolu are done. 15 minutes tops!! Be sure to run the engine a little before riding it.


  1. How do I know how many CC's my Tao Tao is? And does the CC's make a difference in the type of oil I should use when I got to change my oil?

    1. If you have your title it's on there. Also if it's above an49 you have to license it so you may want to look into that. And the oil is the same for all TaoTao scooters, at least that is what the dealer told me